Stepper Motor Quickstart Guide

Stepping Up to the Challenge

There square measure a few of motors to decide on from, and typically it’s unclear on that one are going to be best suited to your specific application. during this tutorial, we'll discuss one amongst these motors, the stepper motor, and once it best to decide on a stepper motor over the alternatives. We shall additionally discuss the way to use this motor with the Easy Driver Stepper Motor Driver board one amongst the best driver boards around.


Here is a list of recommended items needed to follow along:

  • Easy Driver Stepper Motor Driver
  • Small Stepper Motor
  • Breadboard
  • Male Break Away Headers - Straight
  • Arduino Uno (or similar microcontroller)
  • Soldering iron and accessories
  • 12V Power supply (or variable power supply)

How it Works

Stepper motors vary from regular DC motors in this, instead of simply spinning in one direction or another, they will spin in terribly precise increments. Imagine a motor on associate RC airplane. The motor spins in no time in on direction or another. you'll vary the speed with the quantity of power given to the motor however you can not tell the propeller to prevent at a particular position. Currently imagine a printer. There square measure legion moving components within a printer, as well as motors. One such motor acts because the device, spinning rollers that move the piece of paper as ink is being written thereon. This motor has to be able to move the paper a precise distance to be able to print succeeding line of text or next line of a picture. there's another motor hooked up to a rib rod that moves the print head back on forth. Again, that rib rod has to be rapt a precise quantity to print one letter once another. this can be wherever stepper motors are available handy.

Stepper Motors Price India will move a precise quantity of degrees (or steps) once told to try to to therefore. this offers you total management over the motor, permitting you to maneuver it to a precise location and hold that position. It will therefore by powering coils within the motor for terribly short periods of your time. The trade off is that you just got to power the motor all the time to stay it within the position that you just need.

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