Types Of DC Geared Motor ?

Various types of motors are available in market, but motors are two types on basses current they are A.C motors & D.C motors.
Robomart have DC geared motors, stepper motors, servo motors, BLDC motors, Plastic motors, Center shaft dc motors, side shaft motors, square gear motor, high rpm motor, high torque motor etc.

DC Geared Motors:

These DC geared motors are use for low rpm and for high torque due to this robot will lift more weight and it is easily controllable this will be available in various rpm and operated in 12V

Direct Current motors, as the name implies, use a direct-unidirectional current.

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Brushless DC Motor (BLDC):

BLDC motors have a three-phase stator winding and a rotor with surface-mounted permanent magnets. A BLDC motor does not have a commutator and is more reliable than a DC motor. The digital control and power electronics replace the function of the commutator and energize the proper winding.
Brushless DC motor mostly use for robot. A brushless dc motor for quadcopter is constructed with a permanent magnet rotor and wire wound stator poles. Electrical energy is converted to mechanical energy by the magnetic attractive forces between the permanent magnet rotor and a rotating magnetic field induced in the wound stator poles. there are three electromagnetic circuits connected at a common point. Each electromagnetic circuit is split in the center, thereby permitting the permanent magnet rotor to move in the middle of the induced magnetic field.

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Stepper Motor:

How stepper motor works? It will have a large number of poles, magnetic pairs of north and south poles generated either by a permanent magnet or an electric current, typically 50 to 100 poles. In comparison, servo motors have very few poles, often 4 to 12 in total. Each pole offers a natural stopping point for the motor shaft.
The greater number of poles allows a stepper motor to move accurately and precisely between each pole and allows a stepper to be operated without any position feedback for many applications. Servo motors often require a position encoder to keep track of the position of the motor shaft, especially if precise movements are required.

Stepper Motor Driver to a precise position is much simpler than driving a servo motor. With a stepper motor, a single drive pulse will move the motor shaft one step, from one pole to the next. Since the step size of a given motor is fixed at a certain amount of rotation, moving to a precise position is simply a matter of sending the right number of pulses.

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Servo Motor

Servo motors are capable of delivering more power than stepper motors, but do require much more complex drive circuitry and positional feedback for accurate positioning. Servo motors are also much more expensive than stepper motors and are often harder to find. Servo motors often require gear boxes, especially for lower speed operation.

servo_motor The requirement for a gearbox and position encoder make servo motor designs more mechanically complex and increase the maintenance requirements for the system.

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